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Here at WOMEN'S CYCLING CLOTHING we have styles you wont see anywhere else. Our brand? 'DARK HORSE'. What else would describe us so well. So now is the time to explore 'DARK HORSE' fashion, bike clothing with a unique difference. DARK HORSE represents the under dog, the one they never thought would make it, the one they least expected. Like the rider, Dark Horse cycling clothing has designs, not what anyone expected. They represent those riders with their own prowess. A rider who may not even join the ranks of competitors but whom put to a challenge, win or lose, won't go down without a fight. Even if they are learning to master their own strengths and find their courage, when they do, they will be a force to be reckoned with. 'Dark Horse' stands for those women. Dark Horse is the epitome of 'women's cycling'. It just takes faith and determination! So, Never underestimate a Dark Horse.

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Dark Horse is our brand. Women Cycling Clothing is our business and is Australian made, designed and owned. I believe that Dark Horse can offer better quality control of our products and Women Cycling Clothing can offer that good old fashioned service that was uniquely Australian.


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